We all have a responsibility to pass what knowledge we acquire, and that is all I hope to attain. A chance to share what I have learned, and learn as I go

Salma Hassaballa; an Egyptian author and Independent filmmaker with an Engineering background


 Having been raised in a family of physicians and surrounded by scholars and scientists, it was instilled in me at an early age to think and investigate before adopting a thought.  I owe my multifaceted approach to those who nurtured questioning in me.  I have been blessed with a world that is constantly supporting my inquisitive nature and pushing me to even further points. I always feel grateful to my family and my beloved husband who believed in my talents and will from the very first day. Although my initial education was engineering, it did not bind me to remain solely in the field, but provided my work with a special print, enhanced my thinking skills, and stirred and enriched my creative imagination.  Thus it acted as facilitation for my film productions and writings.

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In 2013, I started Writing fiction and non-fiction books, I have received a certificate of appreciation for my books "A Return" & "The case is still open" by the Sennari House in Cairo, and soon I became a full member of the  Arab Writers Union. My writings expanded to include philosophy and different genres of fiction like science fiction, romance, and suspense.


In 2005, I started producing my documentaries. I write my own scripts, put the initial music of songs and use my experience in graphics through all stages of productions. All my productions are independently produced and directed.

I have received a golden award for my film "Do you believe?" in the Everglades International Film Festival in South Africa in 2007. My documentaries were screened in many places including Opera house in Cairo and Biblioteque Alexandria

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 In the beginning of the twenty first century, I used my multi talents to start my independent production & work. I produced English & Arabic songs & graphics episodes for children. Some of these episodes were screened in many international festivals.

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in the beginning of 2016, the graphic episodes  were chosen  to be  published in a book entitled "The Traveler Series" by the leading Egyptian publishers "Nahedet Misr".


In 2003, I was one of nine in total to receive the Discreet Certificate (Discreet was a subdivision of Autodesk International Company in the United States). A year later, I produced 3D graphics tutorials on the net, which were appreciated by Discreet and published in famous 3D sites in different languages.


 I have been interviewed in  popular TV shows and gave presentations in many events

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Official Bio:
Salma is a graduate of the faculty of Engineering, Architecture department, Cairo University, 1988. She worked as part time graphics instructor at the Engineering Services, American University in Cairo from 1995 to 2012. She also worked as a programmer to facilitate the conceptual design for architects from 1990 to 1992.  The project was accepted in the international research conference on housing in Montreal, Canada 1992. She was a Multimedia manager in a leading Egyptian computer company,  “Computek”  in 1994 -1996. She produced graphic episodes that were screened in various international festivals. Now she is an independent filmmaker;  she mainly writes her scripts and puts her initial music and lyrics. She also writes different genres of books and she is a member of the Arab writers Union.