Intro: I remember very well how I felt when I held my daughter for the very first time  after her birth. I felt like embracing one of God’s miracles in my arms. I couldn’t help myself but asking: where was she a year ago? And how was she formed and completed?! I kept looking into her little eyes, hands and feet, and the echo of her screams reminded me of the responsibility of having a daughter that I have to care for.  I couldn’t deny the duty of a mother, I know that I have to nurture the seed of values in her heart besides fulfilling her physical needs.

I kept asking myself, how would I teach her that happiness comes from within? And giving is an inexhaustible treasure, and God is with us wherever we are, etc. how would I teach her these concepts that seemed hard for a child’s mind to grasp?

From this perspective, I produced graphics series entitled “The little traveler”, in the beginning of the third millennium, in an attempt to provide valuable messages while entertaining children (as well as adults) with stories full of fantasy, fun, wild imaginations and lovely melodies.  Some episodes were screened in international festivals around the world. I was very happy to meet and mingle with different people and find them sharing the same values and principles. It was a real proof for me that all religions come from the same origin and we are all related in spite of our differences.

"The little traveler" series are 5 episodes in Arabic language with English subtitles.

The Little Traveler Series

Sun, Cloud, Man

The little traveler meets an old woman who promised him three wishes to fulfill. He wished to be a Sun, he discovered that the cloud is stronger since it can hinder the sun's rays. Consequently he wishes to be a cloud, then he discovered that it is the weakest as it soon fades into rain drops, then he wishes to be strong mountain, but again he finds that the mountain is too weak to send away a woodsman digging into him "while he is in the form of a mountain".  Finally he recognized that the strongest creature on earth is man.

 Birdy Has Told Me

The young traveler was troubled by many things during a voyage on board a borrowed boat. But a little bird in the sky will manage to calm him down with her sensible advice.

Drop of Happiness

The little traveler is not pleased with his life. Nothing can satisfy him. He meets a young lady who offers him a bottle of a magical eye drops that will make him happy and satisfied. But it will cost him all his money. The boy accepts the deal. After using the eye drops the boy turns to be very happy. Accidentally, he meets the lady again to discover the secret of the magical eye drops. The eye drops were nothing but water from the lake. The lady  falls in the lake while trying to escape. In spite of what the lady did, the little traveler decides to save her. As a reward, the lady tells him the secret of happiness

My Friend the River Nile

Tired of pollution and neglect, The Nile River transforms itself into a man meeting the little traveler with whom he goes on a journey of discovery. How will those who live on its banks react when there   is no single drop of water?

I am NOT alone!

The little  traveler needs to cross the gate to continue his journey.   But the guard finds him too young to cross the gate alone. Feeling lonely   and disappointed, the boy leaves the place. Afterwards, he discovers that   he is not lonely anymore as he has got the greatest companion. This leads him to return once more with a new   perspective towards life.