My Books

Are You Near?

Genre: Spiritual, Romantic

Publishers: Dar El Beshir

Published: 2018

Beyond Life Book

Genre: Philosophy

Publishers: Rawabet

Published: 2018

The Writer

Genre: Romantic, Suspense

Publishers: Abed

Published: 2017

Your Scent Continues to consume me

Genre: Romantic

Publishers: Dar El Besheer

Published: 2017

The Traveler's series

Genre: For Children

Publishers: Nahedet Misr

Published: 2017

Adam's Game

Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense/Spiritual

Published: 2017 (English Version)

2015 (Arabic Version)

A Return

Genre: Romantic/Spiritual

Publishers: Atlas

Published: 2013

Extra Time

Genre: Philosophical/Spiritual

Publishers: Dar Layla

Published: 2014

The Case Is Still Open

Genre: Philosophical/Spiritual/

Publishers: Atlas

Published: 2013