Do You Believe?

"Do you believe?" has been developed over two years to investigate what makes us believe or disbelieve in God. As the research grew so did the points of the documentary and through those,  many new angles were presented and had to be approached and answered.

Through investigations and questions it approaches the main schools of thought to find an answer to what makes us believe.

"Do you believe?"  has won the golden award in the Everglades International film festival,  African section,  in South Africa 2007, and has been screened in Medimed, Spain, 2007. The film also was nominated in Swansea film festival in England in June 2008.


Humans cannot create cells, with all the laboratories, technical equipment, and our knowledge about the cell, we can’t make a cell, but atheists argue that   just  something happened for  billion years ago  just a storm hit some water, and by chance they came out with  a living cell of bacteria, that is what they  believe in but they can’t support it. (Mustafa Akyol, A writer in Turkish daily newspaper and an Outspoken promoter of intelligent design).

God’s voice and spirit is in every human being whether that human being believes in God or not.   God is in human beings and therefore most people have a common understanding about good and evil. (Dr. Hassan Hathout, An Islamic Scholar, Poet and a writer).

One begins by simple contemplation,  Judaism in particular accepts the notion that a rational person can with just a little bit of reflection comes to recognize the workings  of God in the universe. (David J. Bleich, Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School, Yeshiva University).

Every single thing in our ordinary life, whatever we have confidence in, it can be shown at some point to break down, so I can have complete trust that the sun will rise tomorrow but in fact I may die tonight and then the sun will not rise for me tomorrow,   so then the question is: what is that in which I can have a complete and utter confidence which under no circumstances  will betray my trust or  let me down. And so human beings,  give the name God to that (Angela Sumagi, Assistant professor, College of humanities, Carleton University, Canada).

May be not everything is knowable  with our usual ways  of knowing. (Prof. Stelzer, Chair of the Department of Philosophy, American University in Cairo).


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