Beyond Life

Believing in the afterlife has a profound impact on people and therefore impacted on their attitudes.  Although many television programs have attempted to tackle this issue, the perspective is usually wholly religious which leaves only one perspective on this issue.  It seems philosophy and sciences both take a different view of religion.  Although Science is drifting from being totally materialistic to a bit “spiritual”, yet it is observed that human – Divine relationship is almost completely ignored.   Indeed, making a better world is a higher purpose!   But who cares if we are no longer taking part in it. Does this sound selfish or stupid?  Or does it confirm our individuality?


Spirituality and new science point out that  our individuality is an illusion.  What does religion have to say about this?

This film aims to resolve the differences between the various schools of thought by testing a series of theories that may support or dismiss the idea of reincarnation, the afterlife, parallel universes, and more.  Eventually, we reach a near conclusion that the afterlife is a hypothesis that cannot be dismissed.



The dramatic scenes are to be blended with scientists’, philosophers’ and religious scholars’ interviews, The Drama unfolds the journey of a protagonist  to an unknown destination, and experiencing all the questions and worries that arise by the passengers who are stuck in a train with firmly closed curtains, completely unaware of what might be outside.  In that sense  the film combines the most unusual topics in a thrilling TV investigations, dynamics of digital imagery and the power of drama to aid in the journey to the unseen.

This film encourages the audience  to have a deeper look into their own  lives  in an eye opening journey – igniting their every sense of imagination and curiosity with depth and the setting of  great expectations, perhaps not experienced before.

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